Connecticut AIDS Drug Assistance Program Information (ADAPs)


Connecticut AIDS Drugs Assistance Programs
Contacts, Eligibility, Enrollment, Formularies, and CARE Consortiums Information

Contact Richard C. Lee
CADAP Coordinator/Pharmacy
Department of Social Services
25 Sygourney Street
Medical Operations, Unit 4
Hartfort, CT 06106
Tel: (860) 424-5152
Fax: (860) 424-5206
Ppublic Contact Number: (800) 233-2503
AIDS Hotline (800) 233-2503
Financial Eligibility
Medical Eligibility
  • HIV + status certified by a physician.
  • Prescription for a covered drug.
Enrollment Must not be a recipient of Medicaid.
Must apply for Medicaid within two weeks of approval for ADAP.
Pharmacy All Mediciad paticipating pharmacies.
Nutrition Available through HIV CARE Consortiums. Must have no other payor source for services. Costs for the service should be within the consortium annual financial cap for the client. Must be referred by a Ryan White Title II Case Manager to the Certified Dietitian or Licensed Health Care Provider for nutritional assessment. The nutritional therapy product ordered must be accompanied by the Health Care Provider's written order which includes the reason the nutritional product is needed (e.g.: cachexia, malabsorption). The following diagnoses are acceptable for Title XIX payment of supplements: Failure to thrive, Malabsorption, Short bowel syndrome, Peripheral neuropathy, Crohn's disease, Regional enteritis, Bulimia/anorexia, Cachexia, End stage renal disease, PKU, Metabolic disorder, Functional GI disorder, HIV wasting syndrome. Call (860) 509-7806 for more information.

Vitamins/Minerals: antioxidants, beta-carotene, calcium, folate, iron, lecithin, magnesium, niacin, potassium, selenium, zinc, multiple vitamin tablets, multiple vitamin/mineral tablets, essential fatty acids, vitamins A, B1, B6, B12, B complex, C, D, E, riboflavin (B2), N-acetylcysteine (NAC), coenzyme Q10, L-carnitine, glutathione.

Nutitional Supplements: Advera, Enrich, Ensure HN, Ensure Plus, Ensure Plus HN, Ensure Pudding, Forta Drink Powder, Forta Shake Powder, Glucerna, Introlite, Jevity, Nepro, Perative, Polycose, Promod, Promote, Pulmocare, Suplena, Vital High Nitrogen, Ultracal, Resource, Resource Plus, Stresstein, Tolerex, Vivonex, Vivonex Plus, Vivonex Ten, Boost, Criticare HN, Isocal, Isocal HCN, Lipisorb, Lipisorb Powder, Moducal, Respalor, Sustacal, Sustacal Pudding, Traumacal.

Pediatric: Alimentum w/Iron, Isomil, Isomil w/Iron, Pedialyte, Similac Low Iron, Similac w/Iron, Similac Special Care w/Iron, Similac PM, Similac, Pediasure, Pediasure w/Fiber, RCF Low Iron.
Other Services ADAP clients may be eligible for the Insurance Continuation Program which will pay for insurance premiums. Contact Adult Support & Disability Services (800) 842-1508 for details.


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