Welcome to PharmacyZone - a pharmacist recruiting portal sponsored by Rx Recruiters™, LLCRx Recruiters™, along with our website-based recruiting network,, has been long recognized in the pharmacy industry as being the one of the United State's top pharmacist and healthcare recruiting agencies.  Our network of professional pharmacy recruiters is second to none. Rx Recruiters™ is owned and operated by a licensed pharmacist, so we understand the unique blend of clinical and professional acumen that it takes to be a successful pharmacist in today's world.  Please visit our primary website at for more detailed information on our services.

Many pharmacists are either extremely dissatisfied or bored with their current career situation, an unfortunate trend in the nation's most respected and trusted career field. Whether you are a pharmacy student, pharmacy technician, sales professional, or an executive at the highest level of pharmacy practice, we may be able to increase your job satisfaction, find you a better paycheck, or help you find that dream job.  We are currently actively recruiting directors of pharmacy, MBA pharmacists, clinical pharmacists, and hospital pharmacists.  We also have multiple openings for hospital outpatient, hospital staff, and mail-order pharmacists - types of positions that are an ideal exit strategy for pharmacists who wish to leave hectic retail pharmacy practices.

Isn't everyone interested in improving their current situation and lifestyle?  We can help!  The only way to know the value a network of professional pharmacy recruiters can add to your career is to give us a try, just as hundreds of other pharmacists have done since we began our business in 1998.  We invite pharmacists to submit a resume in at least one of three ways: via our web-based resume submission form, e-mail (our preferred method of obtaining a resume) in Microsoft Word, text, or PDF format to , or fax (775-254-3231).  Also - when you submit us a resume - YOU IMMEDIATELY BECOME A TOP PRIORITY IN OUR JOB MATCH DATABASE!

  • Submit a resume in complete confidentiality via our web-based resume builder.  Your resume will only be accessible to a select group of pharmacist-only recruiters who will work for you to insure a perfect job match.
  • Browse current job openings on our pharmacist job board.  Please note that 90% of our open positions are unlisted at the request of our employer clients, the only way to contacted about these positions is to submit a resume.
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At Rx Recruiters™ and, we realize that multiple recruiting strategies are necessary to obtain the top talent and most qualified individuals for your place of pharmacist employment.   The pharmacist shortage is getting exponentially worse due to various factors, and we dedicated to expending our many resources to make sure our clients are always fully staffed with pharmacy personnel. WE SPECIALIZE IN TARGET RECRUITING.  Examples of our recruiting strategies involve exhaustive on and off line database searches, aggressive internet marketing, face-face interviews, workplace visits, hundreds of targeted cold-calls per day, and hundreds phone interviews with the referrals to pharmacists by other pharmacists that we make contact with every day.  We also maintain extensive lists of contacts in all phases of the pharmaceutical industry  and can call on any type of expertise in a short time to help your organization.  We are pharmacists ourselves, so we know what it takes to hire and retain high quality, self-motivated pharmacists who are enthused about working for you - the pharmacy employer!

At Rx Recruiters, we understand that you want the best value for your hiring dollar.  No one wants to pay more that the perceived market value for any product or service - so we want you to know that we work on a strict contingency basis with our healthcare employer clients.  There is absolutely know fee involved unless we find a candidate who fits your total requirements so perfectly that you want to hire that person.

Our fees and service charges aren't the highest in the industry, but neither are they the "cheapest". However, we stand behind the quality of pharmacists we recruit.  We will do our absolute best to insure that we provide pharmacists that you are excited about hiring and working in your organization!  We work on a contingency basis, so we only get paid if you hire our candidates!

The days of qualified pharmacy professionals coming directly to you for a job are almost non-existent.  Let one of professional pharmacy recruiting managers give you a call to further explain our services, and to see if we can help you staff your pharmacy - whether it be hospital, hospice, director of pharmacy, clinical, or any other facet of pharmacy practice.  Please e-mail me at to be put in touch with a professional recruiter who understands your needs.


We are adding new jobs to this site daily, so please check back for additional pharmacy jobs and updates.  Please see our main website - for more detailed information on our services.




We are adding new jobs to this site daily, so please check back for additional pharmacy jobs and updates.  Please see our main website - for more detailed information on our services.